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What is UV-C Germicidal Air Purifier?

Have you ever heard of a UV-C Germicidal Air Purifier? Perhaps not, but the “UV” stands for the term “ultra violet”. Does that make it a bit easier to understand? Let’s break it down a bit more then. The installation of a UV-C Germicidal Air Purifier by the team from Green Bee Air uses ultraviolet light to rid your home of harmful toxins and chemicals that can be found in the air that you breathe. The UV disinfecting system will work consistently to remove nasty microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, germs, and viruses that can lead to some very serious health hazards. An unhealthy home with unclean air can leave you feeling sick, irritable, moody, and even less productive. The UV-C system eradicates these problems instantly! UV light has been proven to effectively disinfect air, surfaces, and even water supplies, creating safer environments in hospitals, nursing homes, and schools around the world.

Great for Allergy Sufferers!

These types of high-tech machines were once only available to people who suffered from very severe allergies. Thanks to new advancements in this type of ultraviolet technology, the prices and costs of owning and operating an air purifying system have been substantially reduced. The UV Rays have been proven to kill airborne pathogens that can lead to allergic reactions, including the recurrence of asthma attacks. And these innovative machines can be placed completely out of sight and out of mind, located inside the ductwork of your home.

Great for beating with the highest level of humidity!

The UV-C Germicidal Air Purifier is a wonderful addition to any home that is threatened by the onset of smog and traffic exhaust that is completely outside of our control. But this problem is not just found inside homes in larger metropolitan areas. The EPA states that the average level of air quality found within the typical home in United States is usually more toxic that the air found in the downtown area of any major industrialized city. Home air quality is often 5 to 10 times dirtier than the surrounding outdoor air. In some cases, the EPA has found interior air quality to be as much as 100 times more unclean. This is because the interior air has nowhere to go. It remains stagnant and continues to build up over time. The UV-C Germicidal Air Purifier takes care of this issue once and for all! Call us today for a Free Quote on the UV-C Germicidal Air Purifier System!